Why Renters Insurance?

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Because it can start as low as $15 per month

Renters insurance is a property and liability coverage for those who rent their home. It might not sound like something you need, but renters insurance is an important aspect of renting that some landlords now require.

There are three key components of a typical renters policy:

1. Property loss The primary reason most people consider renters insurance, as it covers items inside your home and insures you against their loss in case of events such as fire, theft, or other destruction. Some policies may even protect your belongings outside of your home, so if you were to lose your laptop while on vacation, it could be covered.

2. Liability. This is a key benefit in today’s litigious society. Most renters insurance policies include personal liability protection that insures for accidents that occur in your home (if, for example, someone falls in your apartment). If you are sued for damages, your policy could be very valuable.

3. Loss of Use If your apartment becomes uninhabitable (for example, due to a fire) some policies cover hotel rooms and other associated costs. Read the fine print to determine if a given policy includes this and under what circumstances.

The best part is the cost of renters insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average premium is $180 per year – that’s just $15 per month!1

Many factors impact premiums, including:

• Coverage amount. The more expensive your belongings, the more you’ll pay in premium.

• Scheduled items. Pricey items, like jewelry, often require additional coverage and additional premium.

• Deductible. To save on premium, consider increasing your deductible.

• Zip code. Premiums in low crime areas, for example, are generally cheaper.

• Cost basis. Replacement cost is more expensive than actual cost, but it may be worth the extra premium.

• Dog ownership. Policies can exclude damage and injury caused by dogs, others simply charge more, and some may vary by breed. Dog owners should confirm coverage.

• Exclusions and Inside Limits. Policies often cap the amount they’ll pay for specific claims and exclude certain types of losses, so read the fine print to understand what protection you do – and do not – have. The more exclusions and limits, the cheaper the policy.

Hopefully, you’ll never suffer a loss and need your renters policy, but for the cost of a few peppermint mochas each month, you can secure coverage and peace of mind with very little downside.

Source: https://www.thestreet.com/personal-finance/insurance/home-insurance/how-much-is-renters-insurance-14879627

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